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Designed for commercial workboat applications, the EMC-10 is our most sought after manhole. Found on Tugs, Fish Boats, Barges and Coast Guard Vessels, the EMC-10 is a water tight, rugged, flush manhole. It features a durable cast lift-out lid, a bronze locking assembly, center bolt, crossbar, locking handle and key. The EMC-10 manhole comes in two sizes; standard and large. For detailed specifications contact Earls Marine at


Standard features


  • Cast Manhole

  • Lifting Handle

  • Knife Edge Seal

  • Neoprene Gasket

  • Flush Coaming

  • Aluminum and Steel Models



  • Class Approval

  • Variety of finishes available

  • Aluminum Weld-in Ring

  • Aluminum Flanged Ring for bolt-on

  • Steel Weld-in Ring

  • Tapered Coaming (13", 18")

  • Hinged

  • SS Center Bolt

  • Steel Galvanized Cross Bar

We offer custom manholes with different types of operation and for various applications. Contact us to find out more. 

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